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Welcome to Multiple Nerdgasms!

Multiple Nerdgasms is a site dedicated to all things geeky. While our primary focus is on Dungeons & Dragons, both Richelle and Chris are huge geeks who love everything from Warhammer 40’000 to the Enneagram to Survivor to The Expanse to Adventure Time.

Here, you’ll find a unique combination of player & DM, as well as our perspectives as a man and a woman with a shared love of all things nerdy.

Chris Walker Bush

Meet the DM: Chris

G’day! My name is Chris and I’ve been DMing Dungeons & Dragons since 1996.

My first foray into the world of Dungeons & Dragons started with my high school art teacher, who bravely led a dozen twelve-year-olds into the dungeon of Bargle.

I remember precious little about the adventure beyond being terrified of gelatinous cubes, but it got me hooked.

Over the last twenty-four years, I’ve DMed countless games of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, and D&D 5E. I’ve amassed a truly colossal library of sourcebooks – both official and third party. In that time, I’ve experimented with a lot of rules, created my own homebrew classes, races, and monsters, and learned a lot about DMing.

These days, I DM professionally for a number of parties on Roll20. I’m currently running games, including Tomb of AnnihilationRappan AthukLost Mines of Phandelver, and my own homebrew game in an East Asian setting.

Richelle Gamlam

Meet the Player: Richelle

Hi there! My name is Richelle and I’ve been obsessed with D&D ever since Chris encouraged me to play in 2017. Now I currently play in FOUR of his games!

Over the years I became very passionate about roleplay and character creation. I love testing homebrew races and classes and creating memorable characters with real thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires.

While I do love to do well in combat and, you know, not die, I tend to put the character first rather than min-maxing for perfectly optimized characters. Yes, I built a sorcerer and DIDN’T take fireball.

I hope to bring a unique perspective to Multiple Nerdgasms, talking about my experience as a player in Chris’ games. I’ll also be talking about character creation, role play, working with your DM, and more!

Some more fun facts about me: I lived in China for five years and I’m conversationally fluent in Mandarin, I love salsa dancing and scuba diving, I foster stray cats and kittens (with Chris’ help… kind of), and I’m obsessed with spicy food!


What To Expect

On this site, you’ll find two perspectives on the world’s most popular roleplay game: Dungeons and Dragons. These range from tips on how to be an amazing Dungeon Master to discussions on character creation and roleplay to Chris’ homebrew ideas for monsters, classes, adventures, and entirely new systems!

We’ll endeavor to put out a post a week as well as releasing additional content each month via our Patreon.

In time, we’re also planning to stream and/or podcast live play, but that’s a ways off yet!